Established in 2012, PT Udara Maya Solusindo exists as local company specialized in IT and telecommunication for homeland security products, focusing in police and military interests. As a solution in the wireless industry and IT - that corresponds with the name of PT Udara Maya Solusindo, the company supplies the software and hardware, especially in radio frequency field that support homeland security. The technical core competency of the company covers Signal Security, Telescopic Antennas, 3D management system for buildings, EW and SIGINT, Direction Finder, Receiver and Classifier. The company holds a combination of experience and knowledge in the testing and measurement, radio surveillance, IT solution in governmental and cellular industries. The quality is always as prime precedence by having well trained professional and experienced technical team and experts.


Support the government's effort to make Indonesia a safer place, support the government to fight againts terrorism and organized crime, and always put an attempt to become the supplier of goods and service with a qualified technology solutions entailed with the competent experts support.


Have a high integrity at work, inside and outside work environment.

Hard Work

Always put an effort at work with a complete responsibility to achieve the ultimate work result.


Thrive to establish good interaction between partners, end user and manufacturer, and able to create trust on each other .

Work Culture

Prioritize teamwork, good and effective communication as well as the comprehensive analysis and initiative  competency coherent with the field. Discipine and responsible in doing the task for optimum result.


About Us

Dani Rakhmadi / Founder - Owner

Supported by his background as well as his domestic and overseas working experiences in IT and telecommunication field, he established PT Udara Maya Solusindo which also focuses in IT and telecommunication field cocentrating in homeland safety and security interest in 2012.

Anna Anggraini / Director

Supported by her telecommunication engineering background and multiple years of experience as sales manager in multinational company,  she has the expertise in customer profile management, development and integration; and she has a strong skill in establishing customers  relations.